These are just a few of the hundreds of satisfied artists and clients who have recorded their projects with us. Our 20 years of outstanding customer service is what keeps our clients coming back again and again. Find out for yourself why recording at Cloud 9 is always a great experience! Whether you are a beginner or a pro, from polished radio ready albums and demos, to high quality karaoke and voiceovers, you'll benefit from our Award Winning Producing, Engineering, and Coaching!



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Larry Mitchell Larry Mitchell. Grammy Winning Guitarist -- Billy Squire, Ric Ocasek, Tracy Chapman, Larry Mitchell Band.

Larry Mitchell is a solo artist, sideman, songwriter, and music producer. As a solo artist, Larry has released six guitar instrumental records which met with significant critical acclaim. The albums range from mellow acoustic to scorching rock arrangements. In 1986 and ’87, Larry won the New York City Limelight Guitar solo contest and in ‘99, Larry was awarded the much coveted San Diego Music Award for Best Pop Jazz Artist. As a sideman, Mitchell toured as guitarist for a wide range of musical artists including Tracy Chapman, Billy Squier, Ric Ocasek, as well as being a band member of The Crunch (T.M. Stevens, Bernie Worrell, Crystal Taliefero, and Tony Smith).

Larry shares songwriting credits with Steve Vai and Thomas McRocklin on the Bad for Good album and with Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy) and Bootsy Collins on the song “It Is What It Is” on Bootsy’s upcoming release.

As a producer, Larry has won many production and engineering awards in various categories such as Adult Contemporary, Pop, R&B, and Rap. Most recently, Larry Mitchell won a 2008 Grammy for Co-producing Johnny Whitehorse’s Totemic Flute Chants in the Native American category, which was released on Silver Wave Records.


djDaryl Johnson - Bassist - Bob Dylan, The Neville Brothers, Daniel Lanois, Emmylou Harris and many more "A-List" artists. A multi-talented singer, bassist, and keyboardist, Daryl has played and sang on several projects at Cloud 9. http://www.myspace.com/daryljohnson




Mike Mike Reilly - Guitarist - The Gregg Allman Band, Elvin Bishop and The Mike Reilly Brotherhood. B.B. King once said that playing the Blues was like having to be black twice.  “Stevie Ray Vaughan missed on both counts, but I never noticed,” he concluded.  The same can be said of Mike Reilly, who’s played with both B.B. King and Stevie Ray. Mike may not be black, but he knows the Blues, and he’s been playing them for a long time.  Like Muddy Waters–another legend Mike’s shared the stage with–he’s still delivering ’cause he’s got a long memory.



Tony Chin - Guitarist - Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, International Reggae All-Stars and Big Mountain has recorded here twice for different projects. With a music career spanning over thirty years Tony Chin is a true founding father of reggae music. Born in Kingston, Jamaica and raised in the cauldrons of Trenchtown and Greenwich Farm, Tony's career started off in the Rocksteady era of the late 1960s and progressed into reggae in the 1970s as an original member of the sensational Soul Syndicate band.

It is hard to imagine a chart-topping song that Tony Chin didn't perform on or a star singer Tony didn't support. Artists that Tony has played with include Bob Marley, Dennis Brown, Big Youth, Burning Spear, Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, Don Carlos, John Holt, Sugar Minott, Ken Boothe, Gregory Isaacs, Freddie McGregor, Judy Mowatt among countless others.


Gregg Gregg Gerson - Drummer for Billy Idol, Steve Stevens, Nina Hagen, Doctor John, Moscow Symphony Orchestra, Gloria Estefan, and
so many other "A" list artists. You can always count on Gregg to give you a great sounding track in one or two takes. A consummate pro!


James East - Bassist for Toni Braxton, Eric Clapton, Sergio Mendez, and many others.



LF Larry Fulcher - Bassist - Taj Mahal, Bonnie Raitt and Antone's House Band among others.
Larry wrote the hit "Shine" recorded at Cloud 9. He played bass and sang with an amazing band: Tony Chin (Guitar), Gary Reed Johnson (Drums)
and Mike Reilly (Slide Guitar).


Salvador Duran - The amazingly talented Salvador Duran just finished his new CD "Solo Passion ll" at Cloud 9 and is now touring Europe and America with Calexico and Iron & Wine! This mans incredible voice has been compared to Pavarotti on steroids and a recent New York Times review was quoted as saying "His voice could stop a freightrain". An artist of true passion and soul. Type his name in Google along with Calexico and read more. Prepare to be blown away! He is also one of the finest artists on the planet. Unbelievable with pencil and inks. Contact: studioduran@yahoo.com. New website coming soon.....



GJ Gary "Animal" Johnson - Drummer and Producer of "Music for a Better Planet". Gary pulled together some of the worlds finest musicians and friends of his to contribute to this fine CD. Some of these incredible musicians are listed below:




DB World Champion New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees chose Cloud 9 Recording to handle his recent voiceover for the soon to be released animation game Megacore! We synced up with the ad agency in New York, recorded, then edited the files and uploaded via ftp all in the same afternoon. This guy is one class act and a true hero to the city of New Orleans!


MTV MTV New York. Cloud 9 Recording is MTV's "go to" studio for voiceovers and dialog for the hit show "Made" when in Southern Cal.

Made is currently in its 11th season, and has recently started a series in Canada, France, Germany and Turkey.

Cloud 9 records all of the necessary dialog "live" at our studio in San Diego while corresponding with their Producers in New York and then we upload all of the files via ftp to their editors in New York. For some reason, things are usually last minute changes or fixes and MTV counts on Cloud 9 Recording to get it done right and then oftentimes create miracles to meet tight deadlines. MADE is about making dreams come true. In each episode of MADE  one willing candidate is followed as they embarked on a mission to transform their life. Whether it was becoming a varsity football player, the homecoming queen or a cheerleader, each teenager dreamed of breaking out of their shell and finding out what they were really MADE of and what they could achieve when given the tools and training. Sometimes they were successful, sometimes not ... and sometimes they realized they really liked who they were to begin with after all.


A San Diego Advertising leader since 1979. Cloud 9 Recording is LAK Advertising's "go to" studio for local and national ad campaigns and voiceovers. We are currently recording and mastering the ongoing voiceover jingles for Chewelah Casino in Seattle Washinton.




REELFX - Cloud 9 recorded the dialog in spanish for a recent international commercial spot for Owens Corning Intl.



Bell South Communications - The Pac Bell of the East Coast! Cloud 9 Studio recorded and put together their new automated on-line telephone voice system. A very large project which utilized some of southern California's finest voice talents.



Weekly National Radio Spot which airs on over 200 stations on Air America. A tell it like it is commentary that exposes the weaknesses and lunacy of our government officials. If you're even half awake to whats going on in this country and abroad, you'll love this guy! "Every week we cook up a fresh, sharp, and juicy SKEWER.   While it’s not exactly a vegan paradise, take out is available, so sign "


miguelDon Miguel Ruiz - World famous author of "The Four Agreements', "The Mastery Of Love", and "Beyond Fear". Jeff has been apprenticing and working with Miguel since 2000 and has done many on-location recordings at the studio as well as at the pyramids in Teotihuacan, Mexico. They just completed Miguels 24th satellite radio show titled "Legacy"at the studio , which airs on Lime.com and is broadcast around the world. Miguel is a powerful master and teacher of love and truth. Check him out at www.miguelruiz.com





Don Jose Ruiz - Son of world famous author Don Miguel Ruiz, ("The Four Agreements", "The Mastery of Love"), Jose's new CD "Live at Cloud 9" is a wonderfully powerful meditational journey with Jose's words and voice. This beautiful man lives his life with unconditional love and passion and he teaches you to do the same. Like his father's books, this is life changing stuff! To order call (760) 942-1770. Also visit www.miguelruiz.com for Jose's current touring schedule and upcoming events.




Byron Katie - Bestselling author of "Loving What Is "and her latest book "I Need Your Love...Is That True." Ms. Katie has appeared on Oprah numerous times. www.thework.org




Arielle Ford - Best selling author of "The Soulmate Secret". Manifest the love of your life with the Law of Attraction.
Arielle has chosen Cloud 9 Recording as her "go to" studio for her voiceover work. www.soulmatesecret.com

AbbyO Abby Gooch - Founder of Life Force Connection.com and " The Miracle Of U" coaching program". As a Intuitive Success Coach and Teacher, she teaches her clients and students how to connect with their intuition to heal and create the lives they desire. Her innate ability to identify the perceived negativity held as unconscious beliefs in the body-mind-emotional system, Abby guides you back to your gifts, true self and full potential. Activating your internal guidance and belief in yourself, Abby will inspire you to take action on your passion. Abby recorded her 6 CD set entitled "The Miracle Of You" with Jeff @ Cloud 9. The first batch of this powerful book and cd combination sold out within months of becoming
available and now she's on her second run of copies! Want to live an amazingly blessed and fruitful life? Get together with Abby.
She's the real deal and her work will rock your world! www.lifeforceconnection.com


NatalieNatalie Maisel - (Magic Moon Yoga) Natalie has recorded 4 cd's here as well as numerous guided meditation and yoga CD packages! She is a blast to work with and she is also an accomplished massage therapist. She can be reached at www.magicmoonyoga.com



Wild Willy Parsons - The Original Biker Comic has been seen on Showtime, Last Comic Standing, Caroline's Comedy Hour, The Dennis Miller Show, The Carson Daly Show, Evening at the Improv as well as in the movies The Guardian, Nothing to Lose, Trancers 2, Vietnam Texas and television shows such as Matlock, Tequila & Bonetti, Silk Stalkings, That 80's Show, Down the Shore And Tracey Takes On. Willy was the humor in a lot of the original Easy Riders Video Magazines as well as Totally Pauly, The Sunday Comics and Harley-Davidson's 90th Anniversary party. Willy has been on the road with Sam Kinison, Andrew Dice Clay, Buddy Miles, Steppenwolf, The Spencer Davis Group And Frank Marino & Mahogany Rush. His CD "American Made" was recorded live before a sold-out appearance at the World Famous Comedy Store by Cloud 9 Recording's engineer Jeff Cloud. www.wildwilly.com.




Nick DiPaolo - The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Showtime, HBO, MTV. We recorded his live comedy album "Born This Way" on location and mastered it here at the studio. Do you like sharp witted sarcasm? This guy wrote the book. In this day of watered down comedy, Nick Di Paolo's brutally honest performances remind us of what great stand up should be: funny, socially relevant and a little bit reckless. Nick began his career in his hometown of Boston and two-years later, made the jump to New York, where he found his seething, sarcastic style was welcomed with open arms by New York audiences at such clubs as Catch a Rising Star, Caroline’s and The Comedy Cellar. It was clubs like these where he honed his uncompromising point of view, which makes him not only a club favorite, but a true "comic's comic." www.nickdipaolo.com.




tomBroadway actor and national voiceover specialist Tom Hewitt has been described as a combination of George Clooney and Freddie Mercury. The last year alone has seen him play two pirates — Long John Silver and Captain Hook — and a Pilate. This last baddie, Pontius Pilate, comes courtesy of the revival of “Jesus Christ Superstar,” which opens Thursday at the Neil Simon Theater. Mr. Hewitts range of voice charactersruns deep. Mr. Hewitt said his natural reticence had also prevented him from pursuing much television or film work, although he had done voice-over work for advertisements for “War Horse,” “Other Desert Cities” and several other Broadway shows. When is Southern Cal, Tom Hewitt's studio of choice is Cloud 9 Recording, because as he put's it, "I like working with people I am not only comfortable with, but people who are also great at their craft. Jeff is highly skilled and passionate about what he does and he's a blast to work with!"




Rama Berch - Founder of Master Yoga. Internationally known teacher and speaker. 2 new CD's in 2004-'05. "Yoga Meditation & Breathing" , and her amazing discourse recorded "Live" in Arizona in late 2004. This woman has studied with some of the worlds best. She is amazing!. Check her out.




Brandt Morgan - Toltec Teacher, author and originator of the Vision Walk. A true master of love and living in integrity, Brandt teaches students and workshops around the globe with his amazing blend of knowledge, humor, and love. His new CD "Vision Walk, The Power of Conscious Dreaming", answers any question in 30 minutes or less, now available at www.brandtmorgan.com



Joy Cowley - Internationally recognized author. Joy Cowley is one of New Zealand's most prolific and successful writers of children's books, she has written more than 600 titles for all ages. Joy has been to Cloud 9 three times now and recorded 45 childrens books! She travels from New Zealand and stays in San Diego to work with her publishers at Hameray Publishing. She is as sweet as can be and one of the best at
her craft! www.joycowley.com



Nordstroms San Diego - We helped Nordstroms put together an entertainment package for their store and employees that was positive, funny, and uplifting, and has received much positive feedback.



Bob Nelson - N.Y. Times best selling author of "1001 Ways To Reward Employees" audio package. Recorded, edited, and mastered here at Cloud 9 Recording Studio.


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